I am inspired by our proud partners, employees who proudly rose to the occasion at this unprecedented time managing not only a pandemic but the uncertainty of financial markets that was not based on economic or political factors but a health issue by demonstrating their resilience, commitment and strength to their families, clients, and community.

Historical markets have demonstrated markets do rebound well from these types of conditions. It is wise to stay invested for the long term.

I have become a better leader, mother, wife and daughter by adapting to the quick new normal in making critical business decisions in retaining business opportunities, preserving employment, caring for a Family, a parent, our community and doing it with sincere compassion.

The health, safety, financial livelihood of the extended TWMG Inc. family and community in which we serve is top of mind and heart for us.

Our unwavering mission is to walk the journey of helping you build and protect your wealth throughout your entire life.

Over the last several weeks, we have taken all necessary precautions as an essential service in the financial and insurance industry by following up to date requirements and guidance through our website and within our daily operations to ensure the security, flexibility of your Investments and environment.

We will navigate this incredibly challenging period together in the hopes this world will run better and improve the lives of many.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been seriously impacted by COVID-19 and we are deeply grateful to the health care workers and all those who are helping to keep our communities safe.

Please reach out to your Financial Advisor, Financial Planner or us for any support you may need during this unique period of uncertainty.

Stay safe, healthy, strong and patient.

The sun always shines after a rainfall.


Nathalie Missakian
President & CEO

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